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Your website copy isn’t converting because you’ve put yourself in the spotlight, leaving your dream client outside, in the cold, not unseen, unheard or not understood. ☚ī¸đŸ˜”

Showcasing the terrific results you’ve generated for your past clients is cool, obviously. It positions as an authority in your field and chances go up for more clients and referrals.

All good so far. But there’s a fine line that must not be crossed here and most business owners, being so excited about their work, are crossing it:

They put themselves on the stage, almost completely forgetting about the main purpose of having a business:

Helping people with what they need.

So you’re putting yourself on the stage, all lights on you, meaning you’re flooding your website with all the testimonials you have at your disposal thinking that your client will definitely be knocked down and definitely they’ll book that session or buy that product /service when they see the undeniable evidence of your great work. Right? Wrong.

Your customers don’t want to see and aren’t interested in seeing you shine like a Hollywood star. For them, this is the biggest turn off ever because they are interested in them. Their life, their problems and how they can solve these problems, this is all.

And when they land on a website that’s filled with testimonials, they lose any interest in wanting to read further and they exit the website, searching for somebody else to ask help/work with.

How to prevent this from happening? How to prevent losing potential buyers and sales ?

One simple thing to do:

Get off the stage and invite your customer there, instead. âœ…đŸ’¯

By which I mean:

Through the copy on your website, talk about their inner conflicts, frustrations, stress, the problems they want to solve, the results they want to attain.

Make it all about them!

Let them be the star of your show for when this happens they feel understood by you, felt, seen, heard, validated, acknowledged!

It’s enough if you have a few testimonials just to show your customers how you helped other people and the results they got; this also positions you as an authority in their eyes and believe me, it’s something they need and want to see. As such, a few testimonials sprinkled here and there are more than enough but never fill your website with them!
Don’t be that attention-seeking biz owner who, having more than 2000 testimonials, puts almost half of them on the website and still thinking of ways how they can make room for the rest of 1000 to be added there.

This is a costly mistake which only amateurs make. Don’t be one of them.

Show your customer you are different. Show you care. Show them that they are so important for you that you are willing & happy to occupy only 10% of your website space making the rest of 90% about them simply because you care and you want to help them.

If you have any further questions about this or about website copy in general, let me know. I’m here. 🙂đŸĨ°đŸ’Ģ💚

Fairy blessings,


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