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Your ideal client gives you everything you need (to know).

In my work as an intuitive copywriter, I often get asked what are the best ways to create content (and not just any kind of content but targeted one), how to meet our ideal client`s needs, how to create everything and run our business fully targeting and meeting half way our audience.

This is something that many people might find hard or complicated but in truth, it isn’t IF we know (exactly) who is our target.

I`ve spoken about this in other articles and podcasts & interviews, too, and I really can’t stress enough just how important it is to know who we want to serve, who we have as our ideal client. It is VITAL for every business.

If we don’t know our target, then how are we supposed to be of service to them and help them with solutions to their problems?

As such, #1, please, please set some time and identify the portrait of your ideal client.

This will help you tremendously.

Ok, now, considering it`s all clear to us who we serve, the next thing we want to know (and many, many people get stuck here) is how can we, for instance, create the content for our next blog post, web page copy, offer/promotion copy, etc and all this while speaking to our client and not drift away?

The answer is simple: pay attention and study them carefully (golden hint: especially their pain points. Sst. Keep this only to yourself. Nobody else needs to know;-)

That is where your treasure is, my dear. Everything you do in your business, everything you create for your audience, do it having their pain points as a source and you`ll never be/feel stuck or uninspired again. I can assure you of this because as long as you have their pain points as main objective and serve them as best as you can, you`ll never run out of ideas, insights and (inner) nudges on how to help solve these pain points. The lake can never dry out as long as the rain falls, right? 🙂

So, if you`re sitting at the laptop, staring at it and having no clue on what to write (and of course, you can always call upon me for this, I`m happy to help:) ), go to your ideal client; review again their profile and you`ll get that new idea or insight and you`ll be able to make their pain points your bridge to walk on from you to them, do you follow me, lovely?

It`s all right there, in your audience`s problems/struggles/call for help. In two words – pain points.

You`ll always get new and fresh ideas if you tie your content with the needs that your audience has.

For example, my ideal clients biggest pain points are #1 – lack of time to write copy and #2 – they don’t know how to write good/effective/persuasive copy; there`s nothing they dislike or dread on more than the thought that they have to come up with content. Heck, they`d gladly receive a visit from the IRS than writing copy – this is the proportion of their unwillingness to sit and write.

Now, how can I, as a copywriter, use this to my advantage and make sure I serve them too, at the same time?

Can I use this as a topic for my next blog post, so that they learn how to get the creative juices flowing? Of course, brilliant idea.

Can I use this to create an offer/promotion meant to save them from this pain and struggle and make their life easier? Most definitely.

How about a freebie? Can I come up with an ebook that will show them some tips/tricks/advices on how to write better copy so that they can be efficient and not grow old waiting for the inspiration to come, glued to their pc? Without doubt.

Can I use my (whole) business as a tool to cover and meet and solve all their problems (for which they`re desperately asking for a solution?) For sure.

You see? It`s always, always (always) about their pain points. There`s no limit to what you can create if focus on them. Trust me.

Before closing here, I want to hear from you. How do you make sure you never run out of inspiration when having to write for your audience? What are your favorite ways to keep the gate of your inspiration open?

I`m really curious, so share your experience in the comments below 🙂

Til next time,


The Copywriting Fairy


Hi, I`m Cristina Istrati
Intuitive Copywriter and founder of

My specialty? I help women like you connect (emotionally) with their audience and ideal client through the soul, fire infused and targeted copywriting that I write. The results are more sales and income increase (and more happy clients : )

My little secret is something which I love to call The Emotional Bridge and it helped so far over 100 clients I worked with to connect with their audience and meet their needs better.

You can email me at I love to hear from you and will do my best to reply within 48h. Speak to you soon:) xx

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