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Writing helped me to understand people. And when you dedicate yourself to your calling, you simply become better. 🙂❤ī¸

My writing path began in 2007. In August, during a night dream, I saw myself writing books and this is how it all started. The next day, I grabbed some sheets and a pen and I started writing. I didn’t know where all this was coming from or where it was taking me.

What I knew was that it felt good, it felt enriching and fulfilling and that it’s all that I wanted to do all day every day. Within 6 months of daily writing, my first novel, Seductive Ambiguity, was finished. And with it, me too. My old self, that is, because while writing this novel my self was being stripped of the old, unraveling the new, just like a snake sheds its old skin.

One of the layers of this old skin, for me, was to judge people. And I used to judge them, not so much verbally but internally. This was the issue for me because what others did or didn’t do just didn’t seem right to me. This issue was also mixed with some inner child wounds and hence, I was projecting unto others what was unhealed in me.
But all started to change when I began to write.

Without realizing it, this behavior of judging others melted into my writing while writing, because now I had my characters to take me behind the scenes and show me how things were.
I can honestly say that my characters taught me to not judge by appearances for what we see on the outside is only an effect of the inside.
In my novels, my characters are like humans, having needs and desires and struggles like people do.

And whenever I see someone being careless of others but 100% driven to do everything and anything to attain their goals (talking about negative things here), I am glad now to only observe this from a neutral place and unconditional acceptance; because I have characters like this person in my novels and I know that the root of such mindset and behavior has to do with their internal world:

Maybe something negative witnessed as a child, maybe tough childhood, maybe having been suppressed and being told negative things like not being able, not being good enough or lacking certain skills – it all has a cause and judging what we see externally is absolutely useless.

This is one of the many lessons that writing has taught me and brought to me. Before it was so easy for me to label and make remarks. But not anymore. Now I am happy to be in this place of maturity, of adulthood and unconditional acceptance and understanding for everything that I see and experience. And the energy is different, the context is different, everything is different.

But this wouldn’t have happened or been possible if I hadn’t stayed true to my calling to write. Had I looked at it superficially and only put some words on paper every now and then, most probably even today I would have been in the same mind frame, have the same narrow angle to look at things, the same habit of judging people.

I’m so happy and grateful I’m beyond all this now. And yes, of course sometimes it still happens to me to make a remark or see things or people that would rush me into judging mode but I’m catching myself doing it and I’m shifting into a neutral mode almost instantly. Judging won’t make any difference. But understanding people will.

Whatever your call may be, whatever you feel your place and mission are in this world, it won’t matter much if you don’t give yourself to it completely, because only by doing so you will connect with the source and essence of that and as a result, you will bring and share into the world all the growth and blessings coming from there.

It’s just like when you dive empty-handed to the middle of the sea and you return to the surface with the treasure to be given to the world. In this case, it’s about your innate and spiritual treasure which is so much needed in the world. You’re filling your inner tank by doing what you love and as this happens you’re literally becoming the next version of yourself. And then you’re ready to pour this tank into the lives of others, those who need you.
Marvelous thing, isn’t it?
Never give up. Stay true to your path and give yourself to it totally.
This is how you become the highest version of yourself and so the blessing for other people and for the entire world. 🙏❤ī¸

How is this all resonating with you? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂❤ī¸

Sending you so much love and positive energy. 🙂🤗đŸĨ°đŸ™â¤ī¸


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