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Water your own roots. Fill your own cup. Strengthen your own being.

A lot is going on in the world and if you are like me, you are feeling a lot right now, and at a very intense level, too. 

You are picking up on the fear and panic of the world and this can so easily lead to overwhelm, cluttered mind and decision made from a context of fear and survival.

And this all is alright.

Don’t you ever – not even for a second – feel bad or ashamed or uncomfortable for feeling all this.

I’m in the same boat as you, I’m serious. Being an intuitive and sensitive-to-energy person, I too tend to easily fall into the trap of feeling confused, struggling sometimes to have a laser-sharp vision on what’s a priority and what’s not. And most of all, I feel the fear and uncertainty around me. It`s deep in the air for sure. People are panicked. They are fearful and have lots of insecurity in their mind and hearts right now.

And you know something?

This is exactly when people – your tribe – need you the most. Now more than ever.

When people are scared they do unbelievable things, all of them fear-based, of course. 

And that’s when a leader – to lead them out of the storm – makes the whole difference. 

In these times, every business owner is needed by their tribe and this is when s/he must show up daily, to be like an anchor for their tribe. 

And when you show up daily, you give your people that feeling of centeredness, of stability and that they can rely on you. And this forges the path for them to return to better thoughts and feelings, such as hope, well-being, gratitude, courage, faith, positivity. 

But to be able to be of service to them, you must first fill your own cup, so that you may be the leader that they want, need and expect you to be.

If your own center is instable, how can you be there Powerfully, Boldly and Authentically for your tribe?

It`s impossible, right? 

As such, first thing first:

Water your own roots.

Fill your own cup.

Strengthen your own being.

Call it how you want, and then you will be ready – heck, more than ready!- to be of service to your audience, to make the impact that you want in the world and help people with your God-given gifts and talents. 

You are on a divine mission, queen, and you know it. And we need you to be at your best. 

So what to do to ensure you are filling up your cup – first?

Here are a few tips that I personally do. It doesn’t take a lot of time but as with everything in life, when you do things in a responsible way, you harvest the most beautiful crops. 

💚 Make the most of this time. 

In times of uncertainty, we usually tend to experience deeper awakening moments because life is causing us to ask for more and as a result, we are opening ourselves to receiving more – from all points of view. 
So be wise with this time. Lock in a couple of hours and do some journaling, and decide what you want to do next.

Are there any changes you want to do in your life? Go inward and connect with your divine seed and see what comes up. 

When all of this is will have ended, who do you want to be?

How do you want to have thought and acted? What do you want to create right now?

💚 Allow the fear. 

Let it be, be with it, allow it to be but don’t allow it to have you. Fear is the worst adviser, hehehe , so feel it but know better and choose better.

Know that fears will come and go, but what you are doing right now or what will you do – showing up for your tribe because they need you, for example – this will never be forgotten by you nor by your audience. 

You will always lock in your heart the growth you gained under these conditions while they will always remember how you were of service to them, leading them, empowering them, helping them with your services and products. 

💚The practical part is important.

Wash your hands daily for at least 20 sec. Keep a good distance from others. Build up your immune system (I hope you like garlic and onion, these are very, very helpful for this purpose). Protect yourself as a way of protecting others. 

💚The energetic part can’t be ignored either. 

You can stay at home mustering the energy of prevention or the energy of fear. You can wash your hands in the energy of love, appreciation & wellbeing for yourself or while being absorbed in the energy of panic.
What makes the difference?  As always, the energy behind it all.

💚 Take the willow tree as an example. Be flexible. Keep adjusting.

It`s likely you’ll have to reorganize your plans for this quarter for the whole year. It`s likely you’ll have to rearrange the launch of your product/service. You may need to change your messaging so that you are connected with the current circumstances. You may even need to postpone your travels and holidays with your family.
It’s all good, no tragedy or catastrophe on the horizon. 

And you know why? 

Because you are a savvy, adaptable and smart businesswoman and you know how to approach this strategically and so you can always bounce back and still be on top of the situation/things. 

I absolutely believe in this, queen, because I have faith in you. I believe in you and I know you can pull this off. And I love you for all this. 

Keep in mind that you are a leader. And leaders adjust and act. Act and adjust.
This is all.

I’ll speak to you next time. Got any thoughts/ideas you want to share with me? Please do so by replying to this blog post.  

I’m sending you all my love and lots of positive energy. 

Stay well, love yourself and life.  Keep sharing your God-given gifts.

Lovingly in your service,


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