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Want your visitors to be instantly hooked by your homepage?

Did it ever happen to you to land on a website and while you did have your interest caught, all you wanted to do is to leave asap when you saw how crowded the home page, with banners or ads all over it, how you wanted to fill out the opt-in but it required a ton of info from you or how you had to search to see where the buy button is or the link to book a call…?

We all went through this experience. Myself included. It just felt like a huge 1000 kilos rock falling on me when I saw all that info required from me. Not funny at all. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
And yes, I lost my appetite for that website and its owner altogether.

What to do to prevent this from happening to you and your visitors & potential clients?

The first and foremost golden rule: C.S.P

…meaning Clear, Simple, Precise. 🙂💞

Asking for the bare minimum is key here.

❌ Don’t make your visitors fill out 1 km long forms with other subform fields included in it

❌ Don’t make them look or search for the buy button or any other important buttons/links like this

❌ Don’t make them guess where is what and where to go to find it

I can bet you they’ll lose their patience and the next thing you’ll see happening is them leaving your website as quickly as they landed on it.

This is the sure way to lose that potential buyer.

Instead, make sure everything on your home page is C.S.P

And make sure that you’re asking only for the most necessary info. 🙂👍

This will make the process smooth, easy and pleasurable, while in their mind, your visitor/potential client is thinking:

”This is so great! I’m getting something good here, easy and quick!” 😋🤩🥳

We are humans. We love having good things come the easy way. 😉😋😎

Till next time,



Hi, I`m Cristina Istrati
Intuitive Copywriter and founder of

My specialty? I help women like you connect (emotionally) with their audience and ideal client through the soul, fire infused and targeted copywriting that I write. The results are more sales and income increase (and more happy clients : )

My little secret is something which I love to call The Emotional Bridge and it helped so far over 100 clients I worked with to connect with their audience and meet their needs better.

You can email me at I love to hear from you and will do my best to reply within 48h. Speak to you soon:) xx

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    CristinaCopywriter says 2nd March 2021

    Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it and I’m glad it`s valuable to you. Feel free to share it with those you think would benefit from this. God bless!

torneira preta says 22nd February 2021

great and amazing blog. I really want to thank you, for giving us better information.

    CristinaCopywriter says 2nd March 2021

    Thank you too for reading my blog and or your feedback & comment. I appreciate it a lot! Thank you!

goldener Spülbeckenhahn mit ausziehbarem Schlauch says 26th February 2021

Your Site is really good.

    CristinaCopywriter says 2nd March 2021

    Thank you! Im glad you like it! Speak soon, cheers! :))

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