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Use The Power Of (Fire Infused & Targeted) Copywriting To Have Clients Who WANT, DEMAND AND PAY For Your Products & Services.

Every entrepreneur’s burning desire is to have a constant flow of clients. It stands to reason, doesn’t it? If the clients are there, then the entrepreneur has the context to share and grow his business. And…yes (you guessed it!) to make what I so love to call The Holy Sales – the very lifeblood of every business.

Thing is, most of the entrepreneurs are struggling with finding or creating a steady flow of (raving!) clients. This is where they hit bottom rock and before they know it, overwhelm, anxiety, doubt and frustration creep in, too. I have been there, especially at the beginning of my copywriting business, so I know how it feels. It lowers your vibration and (absolutely) kills your enthusiasm when you know you`re putting great content & services out there but all you get back is the cricket`s song… Frankly, I don’t know what could be worse or more self-esteem/self-confidence lowering than this, for any entrepreneur.


I`ve got great news and you can definitely curve those lips into your brightest smile because…magic is about to happen:)

There are 3 (magical) ways in which you can turn your cricket`s song into a freaking rock party! (or R&B, or Latino, or Pop…whichever you like best:D

So, what does this mean?

It means that the time is here (may God be praised!) for you to start having the kind of thriving biz that you want, with the flow of clients you want, and here is how:

1. Know Your ELF (Aka Your Ideal Client)

I`ve said this in one of my other blog posts too and I will talk and mention about it and will repeat it until the very last day of this earthly journey of mine (Amen!)

Why? It`s simple. It`s because it`s VITAL to know who your ideal client is and the more you know about them, the better!

Let me give you an example. Say you`re standing on a stage, having an audience in front of you. There are many people in there, different kind of ages, backgrounds, personal stories, drives, ambitions, goals, past traumas, you get the picture, right? So here you are, standing in front of this big group (hundreds, thousands) of people and all eyes are on you. You open your mouth to say something but you freeze. Why? Because you don’t know WHO is going to listen to what you have to say; you don’t know WHO is interested in hearing/finding out more about what you have to say. Thirdly, you don’t know WHO will resonate/want/need what you have to say (or sell)

Have I managed in making you realize just how IMPORTANT knowing your ideal client is?

You`ve got to know who you`re talking to. Otherwise, just like in the example above, in your business too you`ll freeze and get overwhelmed and stuck for it`s not easy to speak when you don’t know who you`re talking to (psychologically, your mind can’t put up with that and thus, the blockage)

2. Your Elf Is Showing You Their World. Pay Attention To It. Discover it.

Ok, assuming that you`ve set a time to nail who your ideal client is and if so, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. You`re way ahead of your peers because from what I know, most biz owners don’t give (much) importance to this step and I must say that while their ego is blooming, their sales are depleting.

But you`re one of those smart biz owners and you want to this right, right? Right:)

So, the next step: discover the world that your elf (ideal client) is showing you. You`ve got to know it inside out. What are their past traumas? What`s their upbringing? What kind of parents did they have? What are their flaws/qualities? What are their most burning desires, dreams, aspirations? What would wake them up at 4 am (even if the dog peed on the carpet again) ready to start the day, feeling how the passion and excitement for what they`re doing are bubbling in their belly? Why did they start their business? What`s the legacy they want to leave behind? What would make them scream and throw plates against the wall and what makes them smile?

 You see? Questions like these allow you to step into your ideal client`s world and discover it & them how they really are.

This is what will make your message laser- sharp to them and it will also make them realize that you understand them, that you are the answer to their prayers; that you can help them and that you have The Magic Spell to their problem they want to solve or results they want to achieve. Once this connection is made (I love to call it The Emotional Bridge), the clients are yours.

3. Put The Potion Of Quality In All That You Do.

Let me ask you, when you buy a product/service you really like, why do you buy? Is it because of the brand, the colors, name, tagline that it has…? No really, right? You buy it because you know that product/service is made with QUALITY. If need be, you`d choose it even if you had your eyes covered simply because it`s too good, you`re too pleased with it and you know that your expectations will be met (and therefore, you`d pay for it no matter the price)

Guess what? Your clients are no different and this is why you need to give your best to exceed yourself in serving them for if they smell that your product/service is high quality, you`d better get ready to throw a huge party because your clients will keep coming, and coming and coming, I assure you. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want quality in what they purchase (myself included) so as customers, we sure do expect the best!

As such, each time you`re creating stuff for your audience and biz – be it media content, products, services, offers, promotions – everything – make sure you take the bottle that contains The Potion Of Quality and pour it all in all that you create. You`ll leave your clients (always) demanding for more (and more). They know you, they trust you, they like you and they BUY from you. Well done!

Anything to share with me? Please do so in the comments below, it`ll be my pleasure to reply:)

Yours in service,

Cristina xx

The Copywriting Fairy




Hi, I`m Cristina Istrati
Intuitive Copywriter and founder of

My specialty? I help women like you connect (emotionally) with their audience and ideal client through the soul, fire infused and targeted copywriting that I write. The results are more sales and income increase (and more happy clients : )

My little secret is something which I love to call The Emotional Bridge and it helped so far over 100 clients I worked with to connect with their audience and meet their needs better.

You can email me at I love to hear from you and will do my best to reply within 48h. Speak to you soon:) xx

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Millen Livis says 3rd November 2017

Thank you, Cristina – Great overview of the most important aspects of writing a copy. What resonated the most with me was making sure you offer expected QUALITY. Yes, people pay attention to quality more than the tagline or the marketing/sales funnel.

    CristinaCopywriter says 3rd December 2017

    Hey Millen:)) That is very true, my dear. Quality speaks through everything and is much stronger than any marketing strategy/ company/brand etc, whatever it may be. I`m glad my article resonated with you, lovely 🙂 xx


bakır hortum says 23rd February 2021

Loved the article! I will now be back to visit more often

    CristinaCopywriter says 2nd March 2021

    So good! You are much welcome and thank you for reading my blog! Take care :)) xoxo

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