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The Attraction Factor

Jaw-dropping Facebook ads get more clicks, it attracts your audience to your

 offer to ensure the success of a sponsored ad. So I'm going to write:

  • The text copy
  • The headline copy
  • The copy for the News Feed link description
  • Copy for the image
  • I`ve incorporated all these 4 items in my Facebook Ads Copy Package.

    Investment: $500

    The Sales Magnet

    A sales page is a standalone page created with one specific purpose in mind: to secure sales for your product.
    My secret weapon? Your audience’s needs. I have them in my pocket. I know them, see them, feel them.
    In other words, I will personally create a sales page for one of your products, webinars & events that will get your readers to want what you have, and ACT on those desires!

    • You want to reach the next level in your business for you are a driven person
    • You want to boost your sales
    • You want to enjoy more free time what you love (travelling; reading 50 books per year-an old intention of yours but it's not happening, ecause if you don’t spend at least 20 hours per day working on your biz, all hell will break lose)
    • You want to (finally) start pursuing and exploring your hidden artistic side. Remember the paint brushes and colors you bought years ago in the hope to actually start painting? Well, maybe now it’s time to do that:)

    I will create a sales page that will:

    • Highlight the unique personality & features of your product
    • Make your product stand out through soulful, targeted and persuasive copywriting
    • Boost your sales & revenue
    • Be in alignment with you & your brand

    Souns good so far? Great 🙂 Lelt's talk money

    My price for a sales page like this is $2000.

    Investment: $2000