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Promise an apple. Deliver a fruit salad.

Don’t be good. Don’t be ok. Be Excellent by Over Delivering.

I`ve been in the words business for nearly 11 years. In all this time, I have worked with all kinds of people and clients.

The first category is occupied by people who have used your services/products and are so happy and pleased that they could talk for a whole week about you & your business.

The second category is made up by people who were pleased with your work but they never bother to show their contentment and simply disappear as smoothly as a shadow in the night.

And finally, the third category belongs to the people who weren’t satisfied and you`ll never hear from them again. Yes, it`s life, this happens, too. But this is not a problem, because, as long as you know in your heart you gave your 100% in the work you did, their disappearance shouldn’t bother you at all.

And personally, I have been guiding myself after this principle for as long as I can remember. I only need to give my 100% and that will be enough for me. If they appreciate it, it`s fine. If they don’t, that’s fine, too. My mind is at peace.

But, being the type of person who always likes to reach new heights, I`ve always been curious to find out what makes people from the first category tick, and how can I serve and satisfy their needs better. The answer is simple: offer excellent services and over deliver.

What to do to reach that level? With these 3 easy steps, you`ll be more than good to go.

1.Listen to them very carefully.

Listen to their words, listen to their mind and heart. You can be of service in an incredible way by simply and genuinely listen to your client`s needs and wants. At times, maybe you`ll find yourself in the difficulty of moving ahead with the given project or confused and not knowing what to do. The answer to this lies in your client`s words for if you listen to them carefully you`ll identify what they truly want (even beyond their words) and that will always be the hook you need in order to create the best solutions/services/products for them.

2. Set a clear and strong intention to make your work pleasing for your client.

Whenever I am about to start a new project, I feel butterflies in my stomach (which is always so awesome, makes me feel alive!) and of course – because I am human too:D – thoughts that I may fail or not meet the client`s expectations cross my mind. But I know it`s only my mind and it`s reacting this way because it`s facing something new. I understand. Instead, before I start doing the work, I close my eyes and clear my mind of any negative thoughts and I ask God to show me the way and inspire me so that the end result of my work will be satisfying for my client. 9 times out of 10 my client is pleased with my work and it happens because, firstly, I genuinely want to see them pleased and secondly, I set this intention with a sincere heart and mind.

3. Promise an apple. Deliver a fruit salad.

Don’t you just love it when you`re waiting for the waiter to bring you what you ordered and instead you find yourself receiving something extra, something you didn’t even expect? An example of this is what I experienced myself. I was at a coffee shop and having ordered a green tea, I started writing an email on my laptop without even telling the waiter that I want brown sugar, telling myself that I will ask it from him when he comes with the tea. Surprise. He came with the tea and brought not only brown sugar but honey too, saying “just in case you decide to have honey instead of sugar”. He walked away smiling. I was completely blown away. I say, Hats off!

This goes in our relationship with our clients too. Seek to meet their needs and wants long before they even know/realize they have them, you follow me? Constantly ask yourself how can you give them more than what they paid for and put your mind at work in order to come up with the best answers/solutions. He who asks always receives. Your effort and work won’t go by unnoticed, I assure you of it.

Have any great tips to share with me? I would love to hear from you and please do so in the comments bellow:)

Lots of love,


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My little secret is something which I love to call The Emotional Bridge and it helped so far over 100 clients I worked with to connect with their audience and meet their needs better.

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