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Never Subscribe. Never Submit.

When creating your opt-in, yes, make sure your freebie there is valuable and most of all – targeted to your ideal client’s specific needs. If you meet them halfway with that which they need, you will build an instant relationship with them that is based on the Know, Like and Trust factor, and – the icing on the cake! – they’ll see you as somebody who UNDERSTANDS them, their world and pains points, and so they’ll feel you as being the natural solution to their problem.

So far, so good.


When inserting the text for your call to action, please, please don’t use two deadly words: Submit and Subscribe.

Submit or Subscribe are two words that don’t inspire any action for your ideal client.

When they are on your website, what you want is to give them a glimpse of what changes will happen in their lives if they choose to insert their email address and receive the freebie and already FEELING and IMAGINING how these changes will impact their life/business.
As such, for your opt-in CTA, don’t simply add:



❌Hit Me With Your Report (/pdf/mp3 mediation, etc)

❌Sign up


❌Get the free training/pdf/recording/brochure/

These calls to action completely lack personality, human-ness, any emotional charge or the inspiration to that would draw your visitor to take action in an easy, powerful and determined way.

Instead, add into the copy the very result that your material promises to deliver, and the example goes like this:

✅ Yes, I want to have an x% increase in my conversion rate!

✅ I’m ready to make a bigger impact in the world!

✅ Yes, I want to lose weight in a healthy way now!

✅ I’m ALL in! Show me how I can become a powerful speaker now!

You see where I’m going with this, right?

Always add into the opt-in CTA the desired outcomes your ideal client wants.

It will only bring you benefits, one of them being that not only you will be seen as an expert in your field but more so – an expert who 100% cares genuinely about their clients, as opposed to the other thousands of business owners who are offering the same service/product like you.
And guess who will your ideal client choose? That’s correct. You. 🙂💞💃🌟🥳

How does all this resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below.

Speak to you next time.

Much love. 🙂💞



Hi, I`m Cristina Istrati
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My specialty? I help women like you connect (emotionally) with their audience and ideal client through the soul, fire infused and targeted copywriting that I write. The results are more sales and income increase (and more happy clients : )

My little secret is something which I love to call The Emotional Bridge and it helped so far over 100 clients I worked with to connect with their audience and meet their needs better.

You can email me at I love to hear from you and will do my best to reply within 48h. Speak to you soon:) xx

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