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I met with a priest yesterday. I had no other option.

In my work as a writer and copywriter, I absolutely need details. I don’t mean just details. I need specific details, details that spring from the source itself. Authentic, real and trustworthy details. Without them, I am like a chef who doesn’t have a sharp knife in his kitchen.

So now, I`m working on my third historical romance novel set back in 1910, in the village where I was born. In short, the story is about the love story between the priest who lived at that time and one of the women who are coming to the church. Of course, the story is surrounded by religion, history, treason, rebellion, psychology, drama, where the characters are pushed to learn their lessons through various experiences and situations that are also more than often very painful – emotionally.

The biggest hardship, however, will be for the two main characters – the priest and the woman he loves because they will have to break through not only the rigid mentality of their environment and time but also through their inner limiting beliefs and prejudices which are, as we all know, harder to deal with than any other external circumstances.

I have to do research. I have to know the world in which a priest lives and his mindset, and thought pattern, what he accepts to be true/false, what he accepts to be a sin or not and so on.

As such, in order to hit my target, I came up with the idea of meeting with a priest. I said to myself that if I want to go inside a priest mind`s and soul, the only way to do this is to speak with a priest. And yes, this is one of the reasons I love my work so much and love so much to be a writer because I get to experience all kinds of things and meet all kinds of people that I wouldn’t meet otherwise if it hadn’t been for my writing path. And for my work, my God, I am unstoppable because I want to write the best books and give my all to my mission and vocation. It’s the only way I can be fully pleased and satisfied. Anything for my work – this is the context for me.

As such, I grabbed some sheets and went to the church (because where else to find a priest, right?! hahaha:)) I picked one randomly, the closest to my house.

I arrived there ( this happened in Bucharest, by the way, not in my village) and the first thing that happened was the feeling of silence and well-being that came over me once I stepped into the holy space. It was like an instant cleanse and the peace there just demanded from you to be humble and respectful.

I saw the priest, he was talking to one of the employees who looked after the church. I went to him and I told him what I am here for, and if he had an hour or so ( which easily turned into 3 for ideas kept coming, thoughts and questions, and answers too, of course) and he agreed, he was happy to provide me with all the info that I needed.

We went outside in the garden and as the afternoon sun was shining lightly, we began talking about a priest work, how does he do it, what is allowed to him or not, how can he serve the best his people – and the icing on the cake – what should a priest do and how if he were in the situation of my character, falling in love with a woman who`s coming to the church ( and not only this, many other things happening too and not necessarily orthodox things if you know what I mean 😉 but I won’t say more.

You have to read the novel to find out. Yes I know, I’m such a writer, hahah:))

We talked about all that interested me and the conversation went so well, so natural, the priest (and I don’t know if this happened because he was old, probably 65 and thus, even wiser than a young one) but he totally stepped into my world as a writer and totally got what I want from this character and what I want and need to do with him in the novel. Really amazing conversation:)

When we finished, I thanked him so much and he deeply felt my gratitude because he understood that without him, without his help as a priest I wouldn’t have been able to position my character right and place myself properly in his shoes. Because my character is not only a man but a priest too and the task asked from me as a writer was double.

But I talked to this priest and now I have all the information I need and know that when leading this character through the story and in the novel, I am aware now of what I can and can’t do with him, what are the limits for me in terms of the orthodox religion and its rules.

Deep research gives you such a power and solid ground under your feet that you can’t help it but fully believe in yourself, in your abilities and mission, in the place you have here in this world, in your work, in what you do ( no matter if you’re a writer like me or business owner), and it’s all because you KNOW what you’re talking about and your confidence is at its maximum capacity.

I want to link this post to my work as a copywriter too, and say that if I, as an Intuitive Copywriter and service provider, tell you that for writing the copy for your website I need 3 weeks, then you had better believe it that I know what and why I am saying this.
Yes, you guessed it : for research time and work.

Of course, as a wordsmith, I could come up with the text in 2-3 days, deliver it to you – the client – and tell you this is it, I wish you all the best. If you need me again, you know where to find me. But this is what an amateur copywriter does, not a professional one and I am simply not tailored for small, superficial and mediocre things.

As a professional copywriter, I want to ask you:

What about the time that is required to study and UNDERSTAND psychologically, emotionally and energetically your ideal client, their profile, their personality, pain points, needs and wants? their desired outcomes?

What about the time to study and UNDERSTAND you, your business and brand, what makes you different, what makes you stand out from all the other millions of service providers who`re offering the same work/services like you? Why should your ideal client choose you? What are the messages that you want to convey, the visions that you have, the impact that you want to make in the world, your own unique voice and to reflect that into the copy, too?

All this takes time and it can’t be done in a few days, not even a week, because the writing part is easily done. What is more demanding is the work behind the scenes and this is the work that involves study and understanding of you, your business and audience. And soulful, heart-centered, highly connecting and converting copy can only be written from a space like this.
So no, 3 weeks is not a lot of time if you want rewarding and satisfying results, results that consist of copy that :

🔊Speaks directly to your aimed ideal client

🌐 Helps you make the impact you want in the world

🎯 Is soulful, heart-centered and targeted

🔥 Presents you authentically to the world in a way that reflects 100% your unique voice, vibe and personality

🏆 Helps you be seen as an expert in your field

💰 Is your 24/7 live salesperson, selling your brand, products and services

❤ Helps you reach as many people as possible and contribute to them through your innate gifts and talents

☯️ Makes you FEEL assured, relaxed and confident about your online presence

The only question that remains now is this:

What will you choose for you and your business? What are your standards? How committed are you to your success & goals?

Will you be happy to work with a copywriter who’ll get it done in a few days but WITHOUT bringing you the results that you want?


Will you work with a copy pro who`ll take a reasonable amount of time to deliver the content for your website having the assurance that the copy will be your trustworthy partner in achieving your desired outcomes?

Much love,



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