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How To Create Eye Grabbing Content EVEN If You Can Barely Write A Grocery List.

One of the things I notice and am aware of in the online world is that people don’t pay much attention to their (copy) writing. I see it all the time while reading the posts they make. They just don’t bother producing their best work. Huge, huge mistake.

Why? How come people don’t spend much time creating their best content when clearly, it is that very content that engages, connects and sells?
The reasons are many, and of course, it differs from a person to another but here is one reason that goes for EVERYBODY: not enough time. Just get it done in any way it may be.

Now, I agree that done is (way) better than perfect – of course it is. But even so, how can we, as entrepreneurs, make sure that our content does stand out in this ocean of continuous posts, and even more so if you are the type of person who can’t/doesn’t like to write not even a quick grocery list?

The steps below will help you do just that, in a way that is easy, fun and inspiring, so much so that you`ll fall in love with writing your copy.

1. Create Your Own Potions ( Aka Your Own (Epic) S*hit).  

This is definitely my favorite as I love the idea & feeling of being the creator of your reality, and nothing matches better the life of an entrepreneur.

So how does this apply here? Firstly, know your stuff. Know your field inside out for only when you feel you are mastering it (and not vice-versa) you can play with the info and create everything that inspires you. Don’t follow trends, don’t follow the masses and (please, please!) don’t go with the crowd.

Once you know your stuff, feel free to create your own words, own tips & tricks & advises, hashtags… your own EVERYTHING, you follow me?

Place your fingerprint in all that you do, infuse your business (starting from the copy you write to how you drink your coffee) with your personality. Let all that you do be your trademark.

What am I hearing? What if what you want to do is something nobody has done before? Well, isn’t this an even greater reason for you to do that particular thing?

2. Make Sure You Know Your Elf. ( Know Who You`re Talking To).

The second most important step – know who you`re talking to, know who is in your mind when you create that copy ( and not only for the copy but for your entire business, too)
Grab a sheet and pen and start portraying the person you feel you have/want to serve.

This will make things easier and not only that because knowing your ideal client will also give you that note of originality and certainty for you`ll be creating content which is directed to that person; it`s the type of content that is not randomly created but has your ideal client as context and so, you separate yourself from the crowd because you`ll be talking (only) about her/his pain points, struggles/victories, challenges/problems/solutions.

Nobody else has the client you`re targeting.
And one word of advice: Never create content without knowing your ideal client for it won’t have any destination and nobody will react/respond.

3.  Before publishing your work, pay a visit to Master Revision. 

And the last step, revision. Before you put your content out there, put it aside for an hour or so and then look at it with a fresh pair of eyes so that you are able to spot any grammar/spelling mistakes. I know you like to think of yourself as being a very self-confident person but trust me, mistakes don’t make any choices – they happen to everybody. So don’t be fooled by the idea that, “I can’t happen to me”. It surely can and I `ll also assure you of it.

Therefore, make sure you revise your work before publishing it. I do it every time and I am glad for it helps me to cleanse my content from any mistake and thus, it positions myself as a master of my niche/field, as a pro and expert. And do you know just how many people are crazy about working with biz owners who own their field and are the best of the best?

Happy (copy) writing:)



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