How I work

How I work

What is the heart of successful copywriting?


You know what can take you to those sales?

One simple word: Copy.

This is your card in the online game. Play it right, and success is yours. Play it wrong and your struggle will never come to an end.

Simply put: you have to know your ideal client and speak their language.

And not just in any way.


But in that way that makes them feel they are not alone and that they are understood – that special, loving way that makes a difference for them and their current situation.

Believe me, if you touch this sensitive point, your audience is yours forever.

They’ll be your loyal tribe – even more loyal than a knight to his king -, they’ll pause from watching The Tudors or The Outlander just to read the newsletter you sent to them,  join you in your Fb live or engage with you on your latest update on Instagram.

They’ll be keeping their eyes on you!

This is what the Know, Like and Trust factor does ?

I know you know this already, for you are a strong and savvy business woman. 

Your strategic thinking and management skills have always been your ally.

Your intuition is your 24/7 companion too, so you got all that it takes, lady boss diva, to be a player in the bigger league of the online arena.

The only thing that’s tripping you up is the copywriting part. If only somebody else could do it for you…

You know you need copy. This is a fact.


 ?It’s killing you to stay in front of the laptop. You totally dislike this.


You like action.

You like to be on the run. You like to make things happen, challenging & pushing yourself because you have this burning desire & thirst to live life fully. To experience and grow.

Settling for what life throws at you? This term is unknown to you and it’s totally out of the question.

You hold the reins of destiny in your hands and you know it. Settling for less isn’t an option for a smart, confident, independent go-getter like you.

 ? You don’t know what to write, how or when. What’s too much? What’s too little?

How to find the right words – those words that would strike the right notes, connect and convert? And don’t forget that the copy needs to be very professional, targeted and clear, as well.

You have a difficulty expressing yourself in the written word, and you have little-to-no copywriting knowledge.

BUT the clock is ticking so you had better get that content written but HOW?!

The overwhelm freezes your brain and you end up with nothing more than a white Word sheet staring at you and lots of stress and anger. Oh God…

 ?Sales & clients…

Say you`ve finally managed to get some words out of your head and written them in your Word file.

Are they strong and persuasive enough to make your reader say :“Yes, hallelujah! It’s exactly what I`ve been looking for! Here’s my credit card!”

How do you keep your copy light, friendly, genuine, heart-touching, WITHOUT being salesly or pushy? Because aggressive selling isn’t your thing or way of doing business. I know.

So, my dear Lady Boss Diva, if what I wrote above makes your heart shout “Yes!! That’s so me, Cristina!!”, let`s  have a SoulfulCopy Call.

Because having copy that connects & converts; copy that  establishes YOU as the expert in your field and paves the way for  sales, clients and good brand reputation doesn’t have to be inhumanly hard.

Or difficult.  Nor 100 million light-years away out of reach.

No, of course not. It can be easy, joyful and fun. And that’s precisely what I can help you with.