Frequently Asked Questions

Quick and simple answers here to give you a better idea of how I work.

Got a question that isn't listed here? No problem! Write to me and I'll gladly reply. Cristina xoxo


How do I know it will work?

Well, you won’t unless you try. What’s the worst scenario that can happen? Not be pleased with the delivery? It won’t be the case. (You`d be surprised how resourceful a fairy is. Plus, I have my testimonials to back up my experience). Ask your money back? Well, results vary based on a number of other factors besides what I write for you.

Here’s what I DO guarantee: that you’ll be happy with what I deliver, and that it will make you and your business shine in the best possible light.

And that almost always translates into more customers and higher sales


So why can't I just do it myself?

Well, actually, you can. And if it turns out exactly the way you want and you’re getting fantastic results, stick with it.

On the other hand, if you’re so busy running your business that you don’t have time, or you’re maybe too close to your own business to write about it in an objective way (a very common challenge), I’d love to help.

I specialize in helping busy professional women look good by writing even better about you than you would for yourself.

Results I’ve gotten for other business owners speak for themselves.


What are you going to deliver to me?

I’ll give you a detailed estimate that pinpoints precisely what my cost includes. Basically, my end price includes everything I need to write your copy. We’ll talk it all through in our pre-work call/meeting.


Why are your rates this high? I can find a cheaper copywriter than you.

I`m not the cheapest copywriter and will never be. If money is your concern, then there are other cheaper copywriters who will do this for less than what I charge. But as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. I charge what I do because I value my clients` business. I`m not the most expensive either and I think you’ll get more value than what you pay for.


Do I pay you up front?

You can, and most people do. Other people pay half when I start, and half when I finish. Whatever works best for you.


Do you always get it right on the first try?

Not all the time, but usually. If by chance we (not you) need to tweak any of the copy (not rewrite), I'll be happy to do so.


What's the best way to communicate with you?

I`m always available by email, of course, and I'll also schedule at least one Skype call with you.


I’m in another country. Can you still write my copy?

Most definitely! Distance is no issue. As long as we have internet, we can work together no matter where you are in this world.


Money Back Guarantee?

This goes without saying.