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Copywriting. It either grows or kills your business.

❓What`s the first thing people do when they want to find out more about you?

They go to YOUR website.

❓What`s the first thing that speaks to them about you?

The COPY you have on your website.

Here, the rules are set by these two expressions:

“The first impression always counts”
“You don’t get a second chance”

And if you can’t keep up, then you`ll easily be left out from the online arena.

Why? Good question. And here`s my answer.

👉Your copy – if it`s poor, weak, outdated, written in an untargeted way or barely scratching the surface in terms of your ideal client & their pain points, then you definitely lost that potential client or sale.

Your ideal client knows what she wants so if she senses your copy doesn’t speak to her or isn’t addressing her pain points, then she`ll immediately move on to the next person.

That`s how things work. That`s how business works.

👉Your ideal client is in this online arena.

She`s the kind of person for whom not even the sky is a limit and she wants excellent services/products.
If her standards don’t meet yours, again, it`s Game Over for you.

Your ideal client wants to work with somebody who is a professional, somebody who can keep up with the modern demands and somebody who can and knows how to deliver.

👉Because the attention span nowadays is shorter than 10 seconds.

Do you realize what we`re talking about here and just how huge this is?

Less than 10 sec to grab your ideal client`s attention; less than 10 sec to arouse her enough to want to spend the next minutes on your website.

And yes, less than 10 sec to show her that you are the real deal, you are the expert in your field and that you are the natural solution to her problems. All this in less than 10 sec.

So my point here is simple. 🙂

Don’t treat copywriting or your website superficially or with little-to-no attention at all because there are only 2 things that will pay the price for it: your sales, clients and your brand reputation.

Give your website what it needs and you`ll be amazed at how it can support you & your business and be the doorway to the clients and sales you want. 👍👍

But for that to happen, your copywriting bust be ALIVE, and by that I mean:

🏆It must be targeted, persuasive, soulful (able to create the emotional connection between you and your ideal client)

🏆It must be infused with the fire of your passion (for who you are & what you do)

🏆It must speak to your ideal client, show her you are the expert and the natural solution to her problems

🏆The call to action must be all over the content, it must be omnipresent: invisible and yet very obvious, whispering one word only to your reader: “Do it now! Say Yes to this! Take action Now!”

And the flood of enthusiasm all over her mind & body should be just the exact confirmation of that.

Your client is sold to you. She`s wrapped up in that web of copy just like a spider wraps its prey. 🔥

That`s what powerful, persuasive and targeted copy does. 🙂

To your online wild success,





Hi, I`m Cristina Istrati
Intuitive Copywriter and founder of

My specialty? I help women like you connect (emotionally) with their audience and ideal client through the soul, fire infused and targeted copywriting that I write. The results are more sales and income increase (and more happy clients : )

My little secret is something which I love to call The Emotional Bridge and it helped so far over 100 clients I worked with to connect with their audience and meet their needs better.

You can email me at I love to hear from you and will do my best to reply within 48h. Speak to you soon:) xx

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