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Cristina has been a great help in my marketing campaign.

She took the time to understand my business and my target audience. Most importantly, she works hard to go deep into the feelings and emotions and feel what these people may be feeling. Cristina even took extra time to prepare my email campaign for me to make sure it was to my greatest satisfaction. She obviously takes her work seriously and with much love and passion for her craft. Thank you, Cristina!

Anastasia Strokova , Holistic Health Coach, USA

Loved my session with Cristina.

I'm so close to my business that I can't see the wood for the trees, so it was really helpful to have someone unrelated and experienced to help me see where I need to put my focus!

Trisha Wren , New Zealand

I worked with Cristina to help me with my copywriting because I was so stressed out over trying to do it on my own.

I'm feeling so blessed to have found her. She made my life so much easier and my business copy looks so professional!

Thank you, Cristina, for your beautiful work and I will be back for more work and will be recommending you to my colleagues!

Celia Filla , Mindset Coach. New Jersey, USA

I had a session with Christina regarding my ideal client profile.

I found her easy to work with and she asked all the right questions to help me find the answers I was looking for. I loved the session and would recommend her services.

Kate Reynolds , Relocation Coach

Cristina took a look at my website and the feedback she offered was spot on.

She was able to clearly understand my target market and instruct me on what my site needed to more clearly speak to my market.

If you need a website audit to make your copy in line with your client’s needs, she’s your gal!

Stephanie Roth ,

Dear Cristina, thank you for your 'Ideal Client' session yesterday.

It helped to clarify and confirm the kind of client I am aiming to target. I enjoyed your warm and intuitive approach and the way you drew out the information by the questions you asked. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others who are seeking similar clarification. Thanks again.

Joy Idries , London UK

I had a discovery call with Cristina. She has so much passion and determination for the work she does that you can't help but feel inspired and energised.

Feeling confused about my ideal client her attention to detail allowed me to gain a much deeper understanding of who mine is. I felt my spark had been reignited! Thanks so much, Cristina. You are such a compassionate and fun soul

Hannah Dudley , Artist, Spiritual Mentor & Healer.

Cristina reviewed one of my sales pages. It was amazing, she`s amazing!

The detail and thought that went into it exceeded my expectations. It was from her heart. Cristina wrote it with love, intuition and compassion. If you are ever needing a detailed review she is your go to girl. Thank you again Cristina. Your information is highly valuable.

Chantal Vanderhaeghen , Mindfulness Coach, Perth/Australia

Cristina's ability to tune into your ideal clients profile is amazing.

She really listens and understands what you need. She transforms the given energy into words and that'll make your peeps heart sing. It was a pleasure to work with you. I really loved it

Andrea Zimmerl , The Speaking Without Fear Coach. - Viena/Austria.

Cristina took me through a process to put everything that was in my head onto paper, she asked me targeted questions like what are the pain points and the burning desires of my Ideal Client

At times I started going round in circles, she kept bringing me back to the main questions thus keeping me focused. By the end of the session, I had my Ideal Client defined about 70%. Thanks a lot, Cristina. God bless you.

Vimala Murali , Power Within Coaching. Singapore

Working with Cristina was really easy, she was very friendly and attentive

She was easy to get hold of, very responsive and in touch at every stage to let me know what was going on.

She was quick to get to the root of what I was after and produced some really compelling copy.

Great to work with and would definitely work with her again in future!

Bethany Harrogate ,

Copy of She spoke the language of my ideal client!

Cristina worked beautifully on my website page! She used a language that was engaging yet still sounded like me. I am confident that the content she worked on will appeal and attract potential clients!

Amber Forder ,

She`s just soo good at what she does!!

I asked Cristina for a review of my opt in page on a page I knew needed some assistance. Her tips for changing my copy made so much sense and is going to help me redo my opt in page. Thank you Cristina!

Clarissa Wilson , Financial Planner, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

You`ve nailed my message! Spot on! Thank you, Cristina!

Thank you so much Cristina for reviewing the copy on one of my website pages. I absolutely LOVE the revisions you recommended and implemented them right away. You really captured the essence of what I was trying to communicate in a way that was much more inspiring and compelling

Marisa Ferrera, Ontario/Canada , Soul-Centered Coach

Every business should work with Cristina for creating the copy they need!

Cristina provides a very useful service that I know many companies have a lot to gain from. Words are how we connect with our audience and a website is the face of our business. Cristina helps businesses create that bridge between our message and the client! Thank you for your help with my site!

Stephanie Wicker, Sydney/Australia , Behaviour Consultant at Simply Kids

Fast and outstanding delivery!

Cristina is awesome. She delivered quickly and delivered it well! I can’t thank her enough for helping me gain back my confidence – that’s priceless!

Kat Salonga, Philippines , Owner at Virtual At Last

She`s one of the best copywriters I have ever come across on!

Cristina worked on one of the sales pages for my courses and she did an amazing job! She`s one of the best copywriters I have ever come across on! I highly recommend Cristina to any business owner who wants to increase the productivity of their business!

Madina Ahmedova, Dubai/United Arab Emirates ,

Cristina completely puts herself at your service and continuously seeks to meet your needs and have an effective, clear and targeted copy to speak on your behalf!

Cristina reviewed my current web page and gave me clear, constructive guidance on how it would better serve my business. I have found the feedback helpful as she explained in detail the benefits of her recommendations which completely made sense. I believe Cristina is very capable in assisting clients with their web content and layout requirements, to achieve a professional and effective website. Thank you Cristina

Indigo Grace, Perth, Western Australia ,

Targeted copy that hits your ideal client like an arrow! Fantastic work, Cristina!

Cristina gave some great feedback regarding our website.
She suggested ways to engage our perfect client by simplifying our home page and by also using a language that would attract further exploration. She also recommended different ways to present our material had some great ideas about shifting things around.
Cristina is friendly, imaginative and she cuts through the fluff to get to the heart of your message

Faye Oliver, Melbourne/Australia ,

Feeling so powerful and confident thanks to Cristina`s brilliant copy!

Cristina looked at the copy for my new website in regards to my local business. She helped me to redefine my customer goals and I changed the website accordingly. I feel much for confident about my message and how it is coming across. Thank you!

Susanne Grant, Aberdeen/Scotland ,

Cristina`s definitely the person to go to if you want high quality copy for your business!

If you're thinking of doing a copywriting course to become more copy knowledgeable and improve your skills, save yourself thousands of dollars and years of cramming books and lectures and just hire Cristina to do the copy that you need. You can thank me later for the relaxation, satisfaction, and efficiency you'll experience afterward

Debby Canarini, South Bend, Indiana/USA. ,

One payment, multiple future benefits! Thank you, Cristina!

I am pleased with the way Cristina organized my ideas and put them together as media posts in a friendly and personal way. I appreciate the structure and plan that she made for my Facebook page, structure that I can use over and over again in the future!

Thank you, Cristina!

Viknes Vari, Relationship Coach For Women, Singapore ,

Totally loved working with Cristina. Want top notch copy? She's your girl!

I had written my sales page after watching numerous videos, webinars and reading everything one needed to know about writing sales pages. Even after all this effort, I found Cristina's suggestions valuable. She sets the expectations upfront and is very professional. If you are looking for someone to write your copy, Cristina is the best choice. Thanks

Aarthi Sethuraman,Chennai/India ,

Cristina`s professionalism impressed me!

I highly recommend Cristina's services. She took a comprehensive look over my sales page and gave me invaluable, honest feedback to make my page more effective. Thank you Cristina, I will be using your services again

Karina Folett, Queensland, Australia ,

Cristina`s copy brought me the results that I wanted!

I am so happy I found Cristina! She did a wonderful revision for two of my pages! She made sure to keep my original frame but still managed to get me the nice desired and much needed results. I am such a story teller, I needed to compress my messages, be more clear and to the point! And she helped me with it wonderfully!
And another big bonus - She is also very kind and easy to work with! Thank you, Cristina!

Rakhee Krishna van Meerkerk, Netherlands ,