About The Fairy

About the Fairy

As a woman of business, you know success is your destination.

You are responsible for making it happen and so it doesn’t even cross your mind to hope for it while you’re watching The Crown on Netflix or Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

I’m not implying in any way that Netflix or Oprah aren’t important.

On the contrary, I watch them too as they quench my thirst for knowledge and growth:)

But you know that in order to build & have a multiple 6 figures business, “you gotta be the real deal, lady”. No shortcuts here.

And I know you want this kind of business because I know that you want more, my dear. And the spring of this desire is your very own soul.

Bigger Impact, Results & Income.

And I can’t tell how proud I am of you for having such a big ambition.

I love how you want the best of best in life, and how you arrange your life around your motto: "First Class In Everything”

Well done, Queen. ? ?

You have big dreams. You want the good life. You want to have your own online empire and support the charity causes you believe in.

And you want to impact millions of people and build a legacy for the future generations to remember.

All this sets you on fire and you’re hustling big time to make it all happen.

But let’s be realistic for a minute here.

Everything you want won`t happen if you wear a dozen of hats, lady. You can try but it wont work, this is for sure.

What you will achieve, however, is a burned out, stressed out, annoyed, overwhelmed, defeated and nearly-lifeless You. This too is for sure.

So, why go this path when an easier one is available?

One that doesn’t force you to sit in turmoil at your laptop? One that has absolutely nothing to do with the misery of staring at the white page?

Or with the brain-chopping doubt whether you`re on the right track with it or not? Or with the bitterness of not producing the results that you want?

You can be immune to all this. And I can show you how.

Tell me more, Cristina. 

You’re probably wondering who am I and how come I know you so well?

Hi there, lady boss diva 🙂

I`m Cristina and it’s a pleasure to meet you:) I know you because you are in my mind.

Or better yet, you’ve been on my mind for the past two years – when I started my business.

Yes.  You are the heart of my copy-writing activity.

Everything I do, I do for you and with YOU in mind.

Full time Intuitive & Conversion Copywriter and I have a pretty good feeling that I am the solution to your problems.

You know, all those moments when you:

  • Stayed up until 2 am trying to come up with a good piece of content for your next offer, social media update, article, blog post newsletter..etc;
  • Stared at the laptop in painful procrastination, nearly crying in despair because of the confusion, helplessness, stress and tension that made your head explode.
  • Were ready to throw in the towel because you couldn’t handle so much stress anymore and so many tasks and you felt completely OVERWHELMED & POWERLESS, asking all angels for a solution…

But still in need of the copy so you continued your torment, trying to scrape together some words that would make sense – some, at least.

I understand, my dear. I understand you, your situation, your needs and wants. And I’m more than happy to be of service to you because this is what I’m meant to do in the world.

I help stressed out & overwhelmed yet determined, strong and ambitious business women (like you) with the content that they need for their business and online presence.

I know you are a savvy woman. And so I know that you are aware of the importance of good copy-writing and the vital role it plays for the success of an online business. (Not to mention how having good copy-writing is very beneficial for your own sanity, mental peace & balance!)

And this is my cup of tea (or coffee, I like them both equally:) :

I write soulful, persuasive, targeted and fire-infused copy that connects YOU emotionally with your audience.

No fluff, no by-the-way words, no sleazy intentions hidden behind the words… No.

Only authentic, powerful, targeted and strategically chosen words meant to charge your audience with epic engagement and have them take eruptive action.

The result of my work also means a way – nicely & naturally paved – for clients, sales and good brand reputation. 

This is what I do and this is my promise to you.

Other than this, I’m a huge words lover and have been for as long as I can remember. I always loved books & literature and so, when I had the dream to write (in one summer night, in 2007, when I dreamed myself writing books) it didn’t come as a surprise to me. I knew that is the path for me because I love writing; it`s in my blood.  It’s who I am, and how I express myself best.

 ? I`ve invested over 1000 hours in myself as a writer and copywriter.

 ? I`ve read many books on writing ( Stephen King’s On Writing is my bible) and so is Joe Sugarman`s Advertising Secrets of the Written Word.

 ?  I`ve worked with more than 100 business woman around the world in these two years of business. Their thoughts on me...  

 ? I wrote two romance novels so far and working on my third one. Plus, I`m working on my first fantasy series now, something in between Harry Potter and The Hobbit. Yes, crazy in love with these and with the fantasy genre. 

Linked to writing is my love for traveling. 

Such a mental stimulation for me and source of inspiration! I`ve been to many countries so far (England, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Greece, Turkey, United Arab Emirates).

I just love to see new places, to discover them & their individuality and beauty, love to meet people from all over the world as I`m fascinated by the diversity that exists on this planet. My deepest prayer to God is to keep me healthy and alive for as many days as possible for I have so many countries to visit and so many people to meet (and stories to write, of course). Definitely want to discover Asia (China, Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, India, etc) and Africa. America and Australia are also on my list. 🙂

Actually, this is one of the core reasons why I started my copywriting business. I didn’t want to be an employee (I knew this 100)%). I`m too rebellious and I love too much my freedom and independence as to be glued for 8 hours behind a desk or wait for summer to have a holiday. Screw that. I can go on a holiday anytime I want to.  I wanted to be my own boss and have a word to say about my time as I’m in love with life and I totally enjoy experiencing it as much as possible, in both small or big details.

Some things I truly value and believe in :

  • The power of the written word & storytelling.
  • The limitless potential that exists in each and every one of us
  • A liberal attitude & view on life serves you well
  • Honesty. Integrity. Professionalism. Being of excellent service. Friendship. Respect.
  • Living the good life & being all that one can be is their God-given right & inheritage
  • Do it 100% or don’t do it at all.
  • Your weirdness is your strength. What makes you different is what makes you special.

When I’m not writing… I`m having long walks in nature (absolutely love nature!), hanging out with friends, reading good books (spiritual, philosophical, educational, fictional novels) and watch movies (I`m crazy about historical ones with lots of romance & mystery involved such as Da Vinci’s Demons, War and Peace, Dancing with the wolves, Suleyman The Magnificent)

This is my life outside of my writing – just a normal human being like you, with a burning passion & dedication for copywriting and a pocketful of dreams.